Welcome to Rocking Y-Bar Ranch

 In July of 2004 we purchased a 22-acre property near Shoshone, Idaho. Shoshone is situated in the high desert of central Idaho, approximately 25 miles north of Twin Falls. Since then we have worked to build our home and ranch.  We are currently the proud owners of a small breeding herd of Tibetan Yaks.Rocking Y-Bar Ranch

We started raising feeder beef calves in the Spring of 2005. After some successes, failures and a lot of learning experiences we became interested in alternative bovines. We began researching the feasability of raising bison, elk, or a different type of animal on our ranch.

In the winter of 2007 we found several websites praising the attributes of the Yak. A local rancher had some Yaks, so we had the opportunity to view them close up. We became convinced this was the animal for us.

In March 2008 we bought our first Yaks from a ranch in Northern Idaho. The websites praising Yaks were accurate! These animals are really fun to work with.  Yak husbandry can be challenging at times, but Yaks continue to be rewarding to raise.  

Rocking Y-Bar RanchSince 2008 we have diversified and expanded our herd.  Our grand bull, shown above, is an 8-yr-old Golden Royal Yak. Midas is the foundation of our herd and the sire of nearly every calf produced on our ranch.

After five years, we have a respectable herd of breeding yaks. We have sold starter herds and replacement heifers to individuals in Idaho, Oregon and Wyoming.  In 2012 we began selling USDA-certified yak meat through a local Cooperative. We are still a small operation, but we are growing. Our goal is to offer high-quality meat and animals at competitive prices.

Please enjoy our website, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We can help you become Yak owners!